Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roxboro Rox For Obama

This weekend, my team and I left the metropolis of Greensboro and headed to small town Roxboro, NC. Despite having lived in NC for 12 years, I had never driven on these back country roads, past rural towns, picturesque farms, convenience stores, and churches. I must admit, this is a beautiful state.

Having heard of our guerrilla campaigning for Obama, we were invited to Roxboro's first ever Obama rally. They wanted us to come project videos of Obama's speeches, ads (Yes, We Can, I Got a Crush on Obama), and the town's favorite- the Obama hustle. It was exciting that this typically red town was having a rally for Obama, and when I told them I was there from Los Angeles, everyone started clapping! Here's what the organizer wrote me afterwards:

Thanks so very much again. Many people told me afterward that this was something that the town had never before seen. A very special day for a small town.
- Lucy Fox

Check out my buddy Michael Faber's photos (he also designed the Mechina: A Preparation website here. Also check out his blog at


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